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FROM SARAH: Everyone needs a copywriter. This is mine- C. Rick Jourdan. You might need him, too.

Copywriter to the Rescue   By C. Rick Jourdan

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As I was navigating the Internet stream on LinkedIn last spring, I received a distress call from Sarah Kowal of Right Now Enterprises. She was struggling against the turbulent current of writing a blog and needed to be guided into calmer waters.

“I love helping my clients be more successful in their marketing and in doing interviews, but I hate writing the actual articles. I need some help,” said Sarah.

So, enter the copywriter in the metaphorical rescue kayak—me—Rick Jourdan. Sarah loves to interview. I like to write. It had the makings of the perfect business relationship.

To save time and money, and to keep with her passion, Sarah gathers the facts and does the interviews for her blog: Doing It Right. She outlines the client’s unique selling proposition (USP) and the essence of each client’s story.

Then she and I have a phone conference to discuss the article’s tone, focus and slant. I write the blog and, after review and any possible edits, the copy is approved and posted.

It has been a pleasure working with Sarah! Her enthusiasm for marketing her clients is enlivening. She makes each interaction fun and productive.

Sarah and I have also recently transitioned to my helping her write business press releases, as well.

I look forward to our continued business relationship. As long as Sarah is awash in a sea of words, I’ll man the copywriting lifeboat!

C. Rick Jourdan

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