Sarah has shared so much knowledge with me, bringing energy and practical advice to my business. I highly recommend her workshops and approach to branding. And, she’s fun!


Maren Mittal, LICSW, CDWF

I had the pleasure of attending Sarah’s “Biz Hacks” webinar. From start to finish I found myself taking copious notes. Everything was useful, from just minor changes to my LinkedIn page, layout, and then to different ideations of flow. Sarah went the extra mile and sent an “out of the blue” InMail and we made a few more changes. Sarah knows all sorts of other branding information I found helpful. Thanks Sarah, I would recommend Sarah for anything you may need on LinkedIn.

Lisa Callahan

Lisa Callahan

Sarah was our guest speaker for our “Real Estate Hacks” event. Our attendees loved her presentation and are still talking about all of the tips & tricks Sarah showed them. She is an engaging speaker and knowledgeable in growing your business and time-saving efforts.

Alissa Saverine

Alissa Saverine

Sarah is a passionate Business Development Consultant who gets the facts right with her enthusiasm for researching the environment of her clients before she makes recommendations for her strategy guidance. Sarah thinks things through, asks outsiders the right questions, and delivers pin point presentations of her solution theories. Sarah always captivates her audience. Sarah is the right “go to” consultant.


Jim Jurewics

It is not everyday you have an opportunity to meet someone like Sarah. I have had many connections with her and she is one of the most innovative persons I have ever met. As a new fractional marketing business owner, I was humbled by her knowledge and her willingness to share her insights and experiences. She is tech savy, results driven and completely genuine. Anyone would be lucky to use Sarah’s marketing services. Mary, Founder and CEO – CrossTies Marketing, LLC

Mary Olsen

Mary Olsen

It’s amazing how her ideas have spilled over into other areas of my online/social media marketing presence as well…SO valuable. I have yet to hire her for other ventures, but I know she has done amazing things BEYOND social media marketing for some of my close colleagues. We’ll see what the future holds, but at least I already know that she is more than able to get results when the next stage comes along for my businesses!

Jarrod Long

Dr. Jarrod Long

Sarah is spot on when it comes to business culture, connections, and helping companies engage at a higher level through social media. We appreciate her being part of our team and look forward to a long term business relationship. Thank you Sarah!

Tom Sedlak

Tom Sedlack

In my experience working with Sarah, I’ve found that she works tirelessly and relentlessly with a level of integrity I’ve not seen before. She’s been over and above available to bounce ideas off of. She has a knack for identifying what’s missing in my business and recommend the right fix. With her guidance and connections, my business has been featured twice on local network news in the past month which has doubled my call volume and heightened awareness of my services.

Chris Palmer

Dr. Chris Palmer

Sarah is a fantastic listener and was able to hear what myself and my team wanted to create and she put it into action. We are so happy to have her as our marketing consultant. I would strongly recommend her skills to anyone looking to expand their online presence effectively or take their marketing to the next level!


jessie j. bryan

Jessie j. Bryan

Sarah is one of those people who can see tomorrow before tomorrow comes. She truly is one of the 1% of people who canmake sense of today’s confusion while positioning for tomorrow. 

dan shrader

Dan shrader

Sarah is very knowledgeable and efficient in her consulting services, and has a great knack for networking and connecting people. She is also fun to work with which I find essential. Engage with her to get things done!


Zachary Robinson

Zachary Robinson

Sarah is a force to be reckoned with. In the time that she worked with me, she was consistently the top sales person on my team. Sarah was appreciated by customers and coworkers alike – I received feedback often from customers who wished to compliment her excellent service. Impressively, she was able to walk the line between being an aggressive salesperson and having the kind of personality where customers did not feel as if they were being sold to. When an co-manager position opened at another store, I was more than happy to recommend Sarah for the position, even though it would mean losing her. She absolutely rose to the occasion, catapulting her new store into a top position in the district. Her knowledge for sales and her determination make her a great asset to a team.


Elise Pederson

Elise Pederson

The information Sarah shared at the workshop was so helpful to me, I scheduled a strategy session with her. During our session, not only was I thrilled to hear how she would put her expertise to use for my business I also felt a “connection” with her; with that combination I knew I wanted to hire Sarah. As we started working together, it didn’t take long to discover all the information she brought to her workshop only scratched the surface of Sarah’s knowledge and abilities.


Tina Matejka

Tina Matejka

Sarah is very sharp and in the know! I met Sarah at a SCORE workshop and she was giving a presentation on Biz Hacks. I could not believe the number of tips and tools that she shared. She truly cares about the success of business owners and she takes the time to listen. She is very kind and gracious and she is not shy about sharing information and helping others. Sarah seems to have a strategy for every obstacle or she knows someone who does. She truly wants EVERYONE to succeed. Sarah has been very supportive from day one and she is definitely someone that you want in your network. If you have a challenge in your business, she can help you overcome it! I highly recommend Sarah on so many levels.

Talaya Dendy

Talaya Dendy

Sarah is Red Bull for the small biz back office! Contractors, consultants, even retail and restaurant…Sarah is perfect for when stuff like billing, accounting, marketing etc are a time sink and holding back the rest of the business. She can do it all, or figure it out, or steer in the resource that’s right for your situation. This gives you your life back as a business owner and gets you back to what you’re best at.

Evan Reminick

Evan Reminick

Sarah is knowledgeable, resourceful and well connected. Her tenacity is inspiring! I highly recommend connecting with her if you’d like to learn how your business can go to the next level of success.



Snezhana Bessonov

Sarah understands what it takes to not only bring a vision to fruition, but further understands the mechanics of what is necessary to nurture an existing business towards positive growth. Highly recommended!


Maxfield E. Neuhaus

Sarah has a unique ability to effectively manage the day-to-day operations of a business while also having a crystal-clear vision for the future of her store. She provides succinct and to-the-point direction for her reporting managers, and is a great resource for developmental feedback. Sarah does everything in her power to improve her skills and to facilitate growth and learning among her staff. She is an invaluable resource to any team.

Peter Rank

Peter Rank

Sarah is an action oriented, take-charge leader, who rarely misses a detail. More importantly she is a leader and creator that never lets her ego get in the way and treats everyone like a human being. She is a go-getter who is a sweet and rare human being, gentle and yet demanding without ever being unpleasant. I have no doubt she will bring Weathervane Creamery to life as it is keeping relationships alive, workable and active that keeps a business alive, workable and profitable. She is my inspiration for having my own dreams come true. Give her the money! You’ll get back far more than just your return on the investment.


gary moore

Gary R. Moore

Sarah has helped me with several marketing projects. I like working with her because she listens to what I tell her is important to me and that becomes a priority to her. Sarah is very creative, she delivers promptly and is very flexible if I add to the project. I recommend Sarah. She is a pleasure to work with.

David Armstrong

Dr. David Armstrong