Sarah's Scribbles

Sarah’s strong writing career started as the best-selling author in 4th grade with her action-packed novel “The Time My Gum Went for a Swim.”  

As an entrepreneur, she has written blogs and is currently creating personal and business essays while working on her book, Follow Your WeatherVane.

Right Now Enterprises Blog

Sarah’s business interviews and hot tips from 2013-2020

WeatherVane Creamery Blog

Start at the beginning! This blog starts in 2012 with Sarah’s crowdfunding campaign and details all of the folks and adventures that led her to generate a lot of media attention, over 70 financial backers, pitching to Howard Schultz of Starbucks, and earning recognition from the American Cheese Society for her innovation in dairy retail!

Follow Your WeatherVane

A decade later, Sarah writes the behind-the-scenes happenings from her startup (ad)venture with WeatherVane Creamery.  It is a personal glimpse into what it was like starting a business while being unemployed, (mostly) homeless, and a young woman flowing with the cards she was dealt.  The project is currently in development.