...it's the visuals that really captivate and educate your audience about low vision

Low Vision Actually Looks Like 

Turns Out... Visuals Work- but you already knew the importance of SEEING right?!

Missing out on the beauty of life is a crime.

Patients don’t know what to expect.

Low-vision photos are the silent ambassadors of your low-vision optometry practice.

Why not let them picture themselves living an independent and happy life with actual low vision glasses?

Professionally-shot low vision lifestyle photos can boost your marketing campaigns.

These lifestyle photos are professionally shot and made specifically to promote your low-vision optometry practice.           


Maximize Impact, and Captivate More Patients (With LOW-VISION PHOTOS That Have Made It Happen)

Photos evoke a feeling, emotion, and visual experience that is more powerful than just telling people about the benefits of “hands-free low vision devices” that sound like you are talking about medieval torture tools.

The emotional response. Relating to the glasses as normal. This is what is missing from your marketing (plus me but that’s another story.)

Generate trust from the public and your peers around low vision.

With these photos, you can help your patients have a more realistic expectation of their life with low vision aids… an independent life after vision loss.

You might be wondering, “Aren’t the photos I have already good enough?”

I don’t know- take a look and compare.

Print Advertising


Getting in trouble with the law can be extremely unpleasant and costly. You don’t want to become the victim of legal penalties for unknowingly using illegal photos.

Some of you have reportedly been threatened by lawyers over the past few years for using unlicensed or unauthorized photos on their websites, brochures, and social media platforms.

There’s a high bar for delivering exceptional experiences to patients. Take it up a notch with 33 professionally graded low-vision photos.

Get your license today and personalize these photos with your branding.

A lifetime license for $998


Here’s What You Get

To help provide a better service and enhance the quality of life for your low-vision patients, I’ve worked with a professional photographer to get these eye-catching photos to aid in your marketing.


These photos show activities such as

  • Seeing People
  • Driving
  • Watching TV
  • Playing Cards
  • Doing Hobbies
  • Reading (Prescriptions, Newspaper, & Crosswords)
  • Looking at a Cell Phone & Laptop


These photos feature the following devices.

  • 7x Full Diameter Telescopes
  • 7x Reading Telescopes
  • 2 Full Diameter Telescopes
  • 3x Wide Angle Bioptic Telescopes


Each photo comes in color & black and white, in 4 sizes.

  • SM (627 x 418 ~529.9 KB) Best for thumbnails
  • M (1173 x 1182 ~1.5 MB) Best for electronic messages
  • LG (2508 x 1672 ~2.1 MB) Best for print and websites
  • XL (Originals; Between 4.6 – 11 MB)

A lifetime license for $998

Social Media

Seeing Is Believing

Low vision images are the jewel in your low vision practice’s identity crown.

Your website needs to be more than a catalog of offerings. It should positively influence how patients perceive you.

The best way to attract more patients is by showing, not telling.

With these photos, you help them picture what it will be like after the treatment.

Give low-vision patients a more attractive reason to contact you.

A lifetime license for $998

Isn’t it time to re-energize your low-vision optometry practice?

Never worry about running out of visually stunning photos to show your patients again and again.

Your license grants you lifetime access for the incredibly low price of $998.

… with no monthly fees.