Sarah’s Tasty Treats: Biz Hacks

Here is the story of Biz Hacks-

There once was a girl named Sarah.  It was June 2014.  She was just coming off possibly the wildest ride of her life.  The dream of her startup- a Wisconsin-themed deli in River Falls, WI called WeatherVane Creamery– had come crashing down after a whirlwind campaign that included lots of media (Fox 9!), national honors (Starbucks and the American Cheese Society!), and over 70 financial contributors.

Ok, you probably figured this out by now.  That girl was me.  And this story is about to take a dark turn- but don’t despair!  A happy ending is on the horizon.

Back to the story.

I found myself in the position of shelving the project so that I could take care of myself mentally, spiritually, and financially.  If that sounds kind of dramatic, it pretty much was.  Anyway, you can check out the blog on the WeatherVane Creamery website or wait for my book(s) to come out to get the details (for realz!).

Anyway, the important thing is all of the things that I learned from that campaign as a scrappy, tenacious, and resourceful entrepreneur while I was unemployed, single, and oftentimes homeless(!).  Those things, combined with my career in flipping underperforming businesses, is how I am today known as a Biz Hacker today.

Get To The Point

So, what is a #BizHack?  A Biz Hack is a free tip or cheap trick, often an online tool, that makes you look like a pro.  I have Biz Hacks for realtors, job seekers, retailers, and other categories that I teach live and online.  For the most part, they cover these categories-

  • Calendaring
  • Photography
  • Video
  • Graphic Design
  • Email Management
  • Composing Text
  • Business Resources
  • Social Media
  • CRM
  • Media Organization
  • And More!

Here is a quick starter hack as an example, MailTrack.  I liken it to fishing.  You put the bait out there- maybe a work estimate- and you sit back and see how many nibbles(opens) the email is getting.  Or even if it was opened at all!

MailTrack Biz Hack


And if you watch my social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or LinkedIn), you will see #MasterHacks (ones that not as cheap but great tools), Biz Hack #ProTips, and deep dives.

Do You Need My ‘Why’?

If so, here it is.  I like sharing the things that have helped me be successful as an entrepreneur.  I’ve been an entrepreneur my whole life (comes from having one for a dad) and it seems selfish to keep these things to myself.  I strongly believe that sharing our knowledge with each other makes us all collectively stronger.   I also believe in working smart and scrappy.

With that being said- what Biz Hacks do you like?  Put it in the comments and I’ll check it out.  Maybe I’ll write a blog about it.  Or make a YouTube video.

And what do you think about MailTrack?  I’d love to hear about that, too!

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