The (Biz) Truths You Shouldn’t Listen To

There are a lot of common lies and bad advice that seem to be in constant circulation to new business owners. Things like show up at networking events- that’s where you will find your customers. Not entirely a lie, this one just doesn’t go far enough to be successful. What is missing is how you present yourself and the follow-up. The follow-up is where all of the magic happens. 

Potentially more dangerous are the common truths that folks tell you.

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When I hear people with good intentions speaking them, I immediately tense up and say a silent prayer Please don’t listen to them

Truths like 

  • You’ll never get financing from a bank.
  • No one cares about your business more than you.
  • Careful! It will take longer than you think.
  • That’s a waste of money.

For example:

Recently, I was talking to a business colleague, Angie, about a friend of hers who was starting their business. Angie was concerned that her friend poured too much money into a program that likely wouldn’t provide the immediate business success that her friend was hoping for. “Sarah,” Angie said, “You’ve got to help calibrate her expectations.” 

Immediately, I felt my hackles rise. And while I am not a fan of people spending superfluous money on their start-up businesses… I mean, funds are tight, I don’t care who you are… I couldn’t agree with Angie. Because I know that there are plenty of other naysayers out there. And the world doesn’t need more of them. 

All entrepreneurs face this crushing of their dreams from family, friends, and other well-meaning folks. And while it might be practical and even true, what is going to make any entrepreneur successful in the fruition of their vision and is the unrelenting belief in their businesses and in themselves. To continue marching forward with their heads held high and countering the often unsolicited advice thrown at them is where the power is. 

Here’s the deal- true entrepreneurs believe that their ideas will surpass what is commonly thought of as being possible. Entrepreneurism isn’t made for those that want to do something safe. 

I have yet to hear an entrepreneurship triumph story featuring a straight vertical line to success. And Angie’s friend may very well be the person that defies the odds and takes what she learns in her overpriced program, along with what she already has learned in life and runs with it. 

Because why not?